Digital Pharma Marketing Innovation Summit 2019


Digital Pharma Marketing Innovation Summit 2019

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Opportunities and challenges brought by medical treatment/pharma on the Internet




In the era of compliance, how to do better government affairs communication unde


Qing XI, Sr. Director, Government Affairs, Market Access & Communications, Pfizer China


How technology innovation will improve outcomes for patients living with neurolo


Aaron Tian,Head of Neuroscience Patient Innovation China,UCB


Digital Health Solutions

Chinese consumers are highly receptive of digital commerce and the latest innovations. However, digital technologies haven't significantly transformed or disrupted the healthcare industry thus far. This presentation will look at the current pain points in chronic disease management and technology readiness, and talk about how to create better offerings, gather insights and improve patient outcomes.

John Ma, Senior Director, Commercial Strategy and Innovation, Novo Nordisk

13:30--14:30 Panel Discussion

Compliance following and digitalization ahead, changes and the unchanged in t

Moderator :Roger Liu, Commercial Strategy & Excellence Vice President,AstraZeneca China
Linda Wan,Marketing Director,Novo Nordisk
Marie CHAVANON, Head of Customer Innovation,Sanofi
Eva Liu,Marketing Director-Public Segment,GE Healthcare
Liang Zhang,Vice President,Alibaba Health
Declan Rooney,Senior Director, Self Care Franchise Asia Pacific,Johnson & Johnson


Open Innovation – challenges and opportunities to adapt to the digital landsca

While historically corporate innovation efforts have been siloed within research labs and boardrooms, in today’s rapidly moving environment, companies cannot afford to keep their closed models and have to reach beyond traditional borders to improve the speed, quality and cost of innovation. This presentation will look at the challenges and opportunities of Open Innovation in MNCs and how to drive it.

Marie CHAVANON, Head of Customer Innovation,Sanofi


How digital marketing enable medical device business and precision health?

Nowadays in the digital era, when we talk about digital marketing, we are talking about not only cost control, more coverage or better ROI, but also the commitment of making a difference to customers’ outcome. This speech is sharing some digital marketing practice and digital tools, focusing on customers’ challenge in the journey of precision health, which leads to win-win outcomes for medical device business.

Eva Liu,Marketing Director-Public Segment,GE Healthcare


Explore a new patient-centered business model

Kevin Li,VP Emerging Market CIO,GSK


How AI will help digital pharma marketing upgrade its efficiency


Liang Zhang,Vice President,Alibaba Health


Four methods of Digital Marketing in Medical Industry

Customer acquisition and conversion has become one of the biggest challenges in medical industry
* How medical enterprises cope with OTC Marketing in this mobile social era, solving problems of data connection, omni-channel acquisition, PC to Mobile acquisition solution, activation, retention through factory, dealer, store and customer?
* How prescription and medical instruments increase key decision maker’s visits, acquisition efficiency, share of mental and purchase priority of specialists and doctors in prescription and medical instruments?
* When the era of mobile social is coming, how Martech and SCRM can help medical sellers?
BesChannel has served Bayer, Shineway, WuXi App Tec, AB Cochlea, 111 Yao, Evercare and the whole industry chain, which will bring you four methods of digital marketing in medical industry for 2019.

Davis Pang,Founder & COO of BesChannels


Drive the combination of medical health field and Internet technology ,to create

Summer Xia,Meta Franchise Head,Novartis


Cost effectiveness control of multi-channel marketing

Catherine Yu,Marketing Director,MerckGroup


Consumer goods for health under the assault of e-commerce

Veronique Baron-Wunderle,VP Marketing High Growth Market,Beckman Coulter


The better way to win the market game in the generic drugs consistency evaluatio

Moderator: Catherine Yu,Marketing Director,MerckGroup
Summer Xia,Meta Franchise Head,Novartis
Thorsten Hein, Head of Central Marketing - General Medicine & Women's Healthcare - RegionChina/Hong Kong, Bayer
Zhiquan Song, Director of Marketing, Sanofi
Snow Gao,Commercial Excellence Head & Respiratory BU Head,GSK


How to create a patient-centered medical ecosystem with Internal and external co

Douglas Xu,Associate Strategtic Marketing and Operation Director , Eli Lilly China


Realizing the landing of pharmaceutical companies digital marketing strategy by


Zhang Wei ,Chief Strategy Officer,WuXi AppTec


Highly compliant pain points in the era of marketing by multiple channels

Didier Perilleux,Chief Marketing Officer,China-Pfizer Essential Health


How to create the closed loop of sales for pharma industry´s digital marketing?

Thorsten Hein, Head of Central Marketing - General Medicine & Women's Healthcare - Region China/Hong Kong, Bayer

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