Digital Pharma Marketing Innovation Summit 2019

Digital Pharma Marketing Innovation Summit 2019
Interweaving with big data, the Internet starts its time of digital marketing. It is researched that digitization has deeply penetrated daily behaviors of doctors and patients in China. With the traditional marketing methods faced with its situation of depression, which is as cold as winter, there is still a little time difference between the rise of pharmaceutical industry´s online marketing and FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) since the significant disparity with common fast-moving consumer goods on aspects of products, distribution channels, target groups. How will pharmaceutical industry embrace digital marketing in this round of wave represented by digital innovation? What is the current situation of pharmaceutical companies like? What problems and troubles did they meet in the process of development? Are there any successful implementation cases? What will the development trend be like in the future?
★Why should Attend
17+ Distinguished  speakers to share thier insight
30+  Cases studies from world-class top brand
200+ Marketing and communication professionals to network
● Understanding the latest digital marketing trends of medicalindustry enterprises: AI intelligent medical care/commercial with big data/content creation/e-commerce platform/multi-channel marketing/commercial insurance/pharmaceutical retail
● Best marketing strategy combined with patient-centeredbusiness model change
● Assist in the process of digital transformation of traditionalpharmaceutical industry's active innovation in compliance era
● A better understanding of how the Mobile Internet contributes to the marketing model reform of traditional pharmaceutical industry
● Using digital marketing strategy to achieve the efficiency upgrade of traditional medical industry marketing
● Improving channel analysis and insight to realize the precision marketing in the pharmaceutical industry through multiple channels
● With the latest successful digital marketing cases, inspire the digital marketing strategies and ideas that combine our products and concepts
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