Digital Pharma Marketing Innovation Summit 2019


Digital Pharma Marketing Innovation Summit 2019

Interweaving with big data, the Internet starts its time of digital marketing. It is researched that digitization has deeply penetrated daily behaviors of doctors and patients in China.
With the traditional marketing methods faced with its situation of depression, which is as cold as winter, there is still a little time difference between the rise of pharmaceutical industry´s online marketing and FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) since the significant disparity with common fast-moving consumer goods on aspects of products, distribution channels, target groups. How will pharmaceutical industry embrace digital marketing in this round of wave represented by digital innovation? What is the current situation of pharmaceutical companies like? What problems and troubles did they meet in the process of development? Are there any successful implementation cases? What will the development trend be like in the future? 
In this session, we will focus on 
Pharmaceutical companies’ transformation, development trend and perspective about the prospect 
How pharmaceutical companies can innovate digital communication tools and management platforms
Successful cases of digital marketing strategy concentrating on patients
Exploration of methods to digital marketing and the accurate marketing channel
Exploration of innovative business model and the best solution 
Based on the advanced information technology and big data, how pharmaceutical companies can achieve its expected effects and the maximum ROI of pharma´s transformation to digitalization by combining the company´s features and product attributes with it


Digital Pharma Marketing Innovation Summit 2019





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Digital Pharma Marketing Innovation Summit 2019


Digital Pharma Marketing Innovation Summit 2019

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